Eat your way to a happier life!

We are all used to hearing that food cannot make you happy and that eating is just another way of burying your feelings.  However, eating the right food is an essential component to feeling emotionally and psychologically balanced. 

When people begin to feel low, anxious and depressed, they tend to opt for meals and snacks which are quick, easy and usually very unhealthy.  This is partly through to a lack of motivation and energy and partly as they tend not to care about their wellbeing to the same extent whilst in this state.  The lack of essential vitamins and minerals then tends to compound the low emotional and physical state.    

Whilst researching this on the Internet, I found that many websites purely focused on the different types of vitamins and minerals we should be getting each day.  Most also gave advice on which particular foods you could get these from, however what was lacking was interesting, exciting and quick recipe guides. 

I have a love of cooking and so began to think about ways of incorporating these healthy, mood balancing foods into everyday life.  I wanted to develop simple but effective recipes packed with the essential elements which anyone could create, even if they were feeling low, anxious or depressed.  And that is exactly what I am going to do!

So keep tuned and in the coming months, I hope to be adding some tasty posts to my blog!