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Psychotherapy can be thought of as a longer term, more in depth version of counselling.  Whereas counselling tends to focus on the thinking part of the brain (e.g. why do I do what I do), psychotherapy covers this and then continues deeper to the emotional part of the mind (e.g. why do I feel this way in these situations).  Clients who come along for psychotherapy treatment often have deep rooted and reoccurring problems with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, self destructive behaviour, self-harm and even suicidal tendencies  Some may find it  difficult to form or maintain close, healthy relationships and there will often be issues around trust. 

Our initial session is focused on getting to know you better.  We are interested in the reasons why you have chosen to come to therapy, the outcomes you are hoping for and more about your current situation and background.  This helps us to understand your needs and to plan your treatment accordingly.  Many people who come to therapy have deep rooted fears of being judged, criticised, belittled and shamed and we recognise that it may take a while for you to feel comfortable enough to open up in our sessions.  The gradual building of this strong, safe and secure therapeutic relationship is at the core of our treatment, helping you to realise that the real you is acceptable and worthy, no matter what you may have learnt or experienced in the past. 

There is a saying in therapy "We are here to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable".  We will always aim to provide a supportive, caring and nurturing environment for you.  However if you keep on doing what you have always done (remaining comfortable), the simple truth is, you will remain unchanged.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and delving into your deeper issues is not easy and can unleash a variety of unpleasant feelings.  However releasing these deep emotions and working through them is an essential part of your treatment.  Only by facing your demons can you rid yourself of them.  The road to real, lasting change may be bumpy, but once you reach your destination, life will never be the same again!   

As therapists, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way on your journey.  We promise to provide you with a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment and to always treat you in a respectful, caring and nurturing manner, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or sexuality.  Your wellbeing will always be our number one priority.


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"I went to Gareth after going through a devastating break up.  He helped me work through all the inevitable feelings of loss and grief, but, more importantly, also helped me understand just why I was so upset and how it linked back to some significant childhood traumas.  I now feel equipped to not only look to the future with more optimism, but also understand the red flags of any future relationships and how to act accordingly - in other words prevent repeating the mistakes I have repeatedly made in the past.  Talking everything through in such depth and analysing what has happened to me has helped me immeasurably, and it is down to the insight and guidance I have received from Gareth" (MM - Psychotherapy Ealing)

  If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about a session, please contact us.  West London Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Services have practices in Chiswick (High Road), Chiswick (Barnes / Kew Border), South Ealing, Ealing Broadway and Fulham.  We have a catchment area of Acton, Barnes, Boston Manor, Brentford, Chelsea, Dukes Meadow, Ealing, Earls Court, Fulham, Greenford, Grove Park, Gunnersbury, Hammersmith, Hanger Lane, Hanwell, Hounslow, Isleworth, Kew, Mortlake, Northfields, Park Royal, Parsons Green, Perivale, Putney, Richmond, Shepherds Bush, Southall, South Kensington, Turnham Green, Twickenham, Wembley, West Brompton, West Kensington, White City and many other areas in West London

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