Below are some of the comments from my clients relating to their experience of Hypnotherapy.  All names have been omitted to protect the confidentiality of the clients however the comments are real, unedited and have been posted with the permission of the clients


"I would like to thank you for this since I have always struggled with my weight due to my eating disorder.  I feel much happier and more confident and now I have the added assertiveness and boldness.  What I am trying to say is that I don't shy away from people. I have lost a total of 6 Kgs now and am impressed.  I'm now 59 Kgs and just 4 more off from my target weight of 55.  Feeling really good so thank you again for what you have done for me." (Hypnotic Gastric Band - Ealing)


I made it to Italy in a calm & relaxed way and quite enjoyed the flight. I'm hoping the positive feelings about flying stay with me. We're planning next year's holiday! Thanks for your help (Phobia of flying - Chiswick practice)

 I go to the gym a lot since our session and have lost 2.5 kg since I saw you. This is a huge achievement for me. So I fully anticipate to lose a stone in the next few months. My back pain is more or less gone. (Motivation to take exercise hypnotherapy - Kew Practice)

"I surprised myself today as I threw away a whole chocolate cake! I made 2 for my son’s 30th – the good one we ate a the party, the other one I took home, thinking of cutting it in small pieces and freezing it, then I remembered – ‘waste goes on your waist’ so I put it in the bin. I have never thrown away food in such big quantity before. I am amazing by the change in my attitude towards food." (Weight loss hypnotherapy Kew practice)

"Very kind and sympathetic support given during the course of the sessions.  I have immediately felt the benefits of the therapy and I am feeling healthier and more confident as a result" 

"I'm pleased to report that I've - finally - shifted those 2 stones, largely a case of two steps forward and one back. The difference, though, is that each time I   'fall off the wagon' I don't beat myself up, I don't give up, I just pick up where I left off - something I think I'd never, ever have managed without your help. I'm hoping to lose another stone by the end of the year, but the most important thing for me is to not put the weight back on, and continue to enjoy amuch healthier relationship with food."

"I feel so much more positive about myself and life in general and, ever-more instinctively, I'm eating (and enjoying) healthier foods and enjoying a more active lifestyle." 

"I've taken up swimming again for the first time in years and am really enjoying the walking challenge I'd just signed up for when we met (I'm walking 2-3 hours every day, which is quite time-consuming but doing wonders for my stress levels!). The plan is to go swimming once and week and to the gym once a week once the winter comes and the walking challenge finishes (when I'll just be walking an hour or so each day as part of my commute).

"I would be very happy to recommend your services and really thank you for the differenceyou're making every day to my life."

"As a result of yourtreatment to date I have lost just over 2 and a quarter stones in weight andhave changed my eating habits totally. Thanks so much for all your help - it hasmade a huge difference to my health, my confidence and my life. Keep up the goodwork."

"I have lostjust over a stone and am so happy. I really cant eat how I used to and I feel somuch better. Lots more energy. Your my hero!"

  "Since I hadmy Hypnotherapy session I have lost a total of 1. 5 stone.  I don't think abouthaving the gastric band fitted but I can feel the effect - Thank you"

 "I initiallywanted to visit a hypnotherapist for a comfort eating problem, you helped me to identify other underlying issues and those were the issues we worked on.  I amvery pleased with the results."

 "I can honestly say that having this hypnosis done has been the best money I have ever spent.  It has been such a success for me, and am telling everyone I can about it.  I know that the people I have recommended have also had success with theirhypnosis - thank you Gareth"

"I foundGareth so easy to talk to and felt very at ease and comfortable with him.  I was a little scared about the process, but having the consultation beforehand put my fears at ease and enabled me to ask the questions I neededto".


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