Hypnotherapy treatment for weight issues (Ealing Practice)

This case study has been written with express permission from the client

LO came to my Ealing practice for weight loss hypnotherapy in early 2014.  At the time of her consultation, she weighed in at 17 stone and wore size 18 clothes.  Her goal was to get down to 14 stone and size 14-16 outfits.

Like most weight loss clients I see, she had tried many diets over the years and although some had given her partial success, as soon as the diet ended, the weight piled on again.  She struggled to understand why she weighed so much as from her perspective, she ate fairly healthily.  

During her weight loss consultation, we uncovered that LO was an emotional eater.  Emotional eaters usually feel out of control of some significant parts of their life and compensate by subconsciously doing something they can control, eating.  Once LO realised this was what was happening, half the battle had already been won.  The consultation also revealed that although the food she ate was fairly healthy, she ate far too much of it.  Like a majority of overweight people, she also ate too quickly and was left feeling unsatisfied after a meal or snack, prompting her to return for more soon after. 

After the weight loss consultation, we agreed that the hypnotic gastric band was the right option for her.  We booked her in and gave her a copy of the weight loss information pack which contained different tips, exercises and explanations to help LO before, during and after her hypnotherapy sessions. 

The hypnotic gastric band took place over four one hourly sessions.  At the first session, we spent time reviewing the weight loss information pack which she had begun to complete.  This included her food diary, which uncovered some interesting results, her goals and motivations for weight loss and more information around her emotional eating.  The first hypnotherapy session targeted the part of her that ate too quickly.  Strong motivational messages were implanted to slow down her eating by chewing her food at least 20 times, putting down her cutlery between every bite, savouring the taste of each mouthful and aiming to be the last one to finish.  Messages were also implanted to stop eating as soon as she felt full and to leave any food on her plate which was left over.  These messages were reinforced by visualisations of herself performing these actions in the future and the positive results which they would produce. 

After the first hypnotherapy session, LO noticed the difference straight away, reporting a dramatic change in her eating habits, an increased level of awareness and a drop in weight of 3lbs in the first week.  The second weight loss hypnotherapy session focussed mainly on those unhealthy foods she ate.  Food aversion hypnosis takes something tasty and transforms it into something vile and disgusting, convincing the subconscious not to try it again.  Throughout the session, the effect was obvious from the facial expressions and the occasional retching. 

The third hypnosis session brought news of even further weight loss, another 2lbs that week and a decrease in the unhealthy foods she had been eating before.  She also reported that working through the weight loss information pack had increased her motivation even further.  The third session was the hypnotic gastric band itself, walking LO through an operation in a hospital where the subconscious would be convinced that a gastric band had actually been fitted to her stomach.  During the session, elements of the first two sessions were reinforced as well as further work on seeing herself in the future as the woman she truly wanted to be.  LO was also given a hypnotic CD to listen to after this session to further reinforce the work we had done. 

At the last session, LO reported another 3lbs had dropped from her weight, taking the total to 8lbs in just three weeks.  Her final weight loss hypnotherapy session centred on letting go of the old image of herself and accepting completely the new, healthy and slim version of herself.  We also focussed on increasing her motivation to take exercise through positive visualisation before reinforcing everything that had happened in the first three sessions.

Three months after her last session, I heard from LO again.  She had been continuing to do well, steadily losing the weight and was now around 14 ½ stone and at her ideal dress size.  She realised for the first time in her life that she could actually now lose a little more weight and had set herself a new target of 12 stone.  She had found the whole process so easy and natural and had almost forgotten that old way of being.  She couldn’t thank me enough for everything that I had helped her with and felt very optimistic about her future.


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