Meet the Team!

Name - Gareth Sammer

Nationality - English                   

Languages Spoken - English

Qualifications - Diploma Hypnotherapy & Counselling, Diploma Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Advanced Diploma Psychotherapy & Counselling, Transactional Analyses 101 Verification.

Accredited Membership - The National Counselling Society, The National Hypnotherapy Society

Practices - Chiswick (W4 2DT), Ealing Broadway (W5 2XP) & South Ealing (W5 5ES)

Availability - Tuesday to Friday 8am to 10am then 3pm to 8pm, Saturdays 9am to 4pm

Specialities - Counselling, Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Weight Loss Hypnosis, Hypnotic Gastric Band, Smoking Cessation Hypnosis, General Hypnotherapy

Fees - Initial sessions £30.  Counselling / Psychotherapy £55 per session,  General Hypnotherapy £65 per session

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Name - Sarah Dosanjh

Nationality - English                   

Languages Spoken - English

Qualifications - Transactional Analyses 101 Verification, Qualified Therapeutic Counsellor

Accredited Membership - Individual BACP Membership (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)

Practices - Ealing (W5 2XP) and South Ealing (W5 5ES) 

Specialities - Bereavement Counselling, Coping with Loss, Eating Disorders, Emotional Eating, Compulsive Behaviours

Experience - Metanoia Counselling and Psychotherapy Services, Cruse Bereavement.

Fees - Counselling / Psychotherapy - £55

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Name - Roksana Paciepnik

Nationality - British / Polish                  

Languages Spoken - English and Polish

Qualifications - Transactional Analyses 101 Verification, Trainee Psychotherapist & Counsellor (Year 5 / 5)

Practices - Chiswick (W4 2DT) and Ealing (W5 2XP & W5 5ES)

Specialities - Emotional Distress, Relationships, Work Related issues, Self- esteem, Obsessive behaviours and Personal Development.

Experience - Metanoia Counselling and Psychotherapy Service, Ealing Abby Counselling Service.

Fees - £35 per session before 5pm, £45 per session after 5pm.


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Name - Nada Khader

Languages Spoken - English and Arabic

Qualifications - Transactional Analyses 101 Verification, Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Advance Training.  

Practices - Ealing (W5 2XP), Fulham (SW6 2UH), Harley Street (please contact for details)

Specialities - Transactional Analyses, Attachment Based Psychotherapy 

Experience - Metanoia Counselling and Psychotherapy Services, IAPT  Mental Health Service West London, Bowlby Centre

Fees - Counselling / Psychotherapy - £55 per session


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Name - Martin Edwards

Nationality - English

Gender - Male

Qualifications - Transactional Analyses 101 Verification,  Therapeutic Counselling Diploma in Transactional Analysis.

Accredited Membership - Pending Individual BACP Membership (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)

Practices - Chiswick (W4 2DT), Ealing (W5 2XP) and South Ealing (W5 5ES)

Specialities - Working with young people, LGBT issues

Fees - £45 per session

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Name - Delilah Zabeneh

Nationality - UK / Jordanian

Languages Spoken - English and Arabic

Gender - Female

Qualifications - Post-graduate Diploma in  Transactional Analysis Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Experience - Metanoia Counselling and Psychotherapy Services, Ealing Abbey Counselling Services

Practices - Ealing (W5 2XP) and West Ealing (W13 8RP)

Specialities - Anxiety, Depression, Panic-attacks, Parenting, Post-natal depression, Employment and redundancy, Higher education, Bereavement, Cultural identity, Adjustment and belonging, Self-esteem and confidence, relationships

Fees - Individual therapy - £55, Couples therapy - £75Group therapy - £30.

Some concessions for individual and group therapy are available for students and unemployed individuals.

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Name - Dagmara Gala

Nationality - Polish

Languages Spoken - English and Polish

Gender - Female

Qualifications - Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapeutic Counselling, MSc in Social Rehabilitation Education

Experience - Private Practice, Metanoia Counselling and Psychotherapy Services, Ealing Abby Counselling Service

Practices - Offers online / Internet sessions only - can see clients from any location via a secure online setting.

Specialities - Coping with Loss, Anxiety and Depression, Low Self-Esteem and Confidence, Relationships and Trust Difficulties, Trauma, Self-Harm and Destructive Behaviours

Fees - Initial consultation Free.  Following sessions £45 each

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If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about a session, please contact us.  West London Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Services have practices in Acton, Chiswick, South Ealing, Ealing BroadwayFulham and Harley Street and have a catchment area of Barnes, Brentford, Chelsea, Greenford, Grove Park, Gunnersbury, Hammersmith, Hanwell, Hounslow, Isleworth, Kew, Mortlake, Park Royal, Perivale, Putney, Richmond, Shepherds Bush, Southall, Turnham Green, Twickenham, White City and any other area in West London


Psychotherapists, Counsellors And Hypnotherapists In

Acton, Chiswick, Ealing, South Ealing, Fulham And Harley Street, West London


Gareth Sammer - Counsellor, Hypnotherapist And Psychotherapist Chiswick And Ealing

Sarah Dosanjh - Counsellor And Psychotherapist South Ealing And Ealing Broadway

Gala Dagmara - Counsellor And Psychotherapist Acton And Ealing

Nada Khader - Counsellor And And Psychotherapist Fulham And Harley Street