Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy(Ealing Practice) 

This case study has been written with express permission from the client

KP came to my Ealing practice for stop smoking hypnotherapy in early 2014.  He had been smoking for almost 10 years and had been struggling to quit for the last 2 years.  He had managed to stop smoking for almost 2 months at one point, but eventually gave in to temptation and began again. 

We began his treatment with a consultation to find out more about his smoking habit – how and why he started, what was maintaining it in the present and the factors that drove him back to the habit after 2 months of stopping.  We also focussed on the reasons why he wanted to quit and the powerful motivators he had in his life to change – most notably his new born child and finances.  Like many, his smoking seemed very habitual, being triggered by certain times of the day, particular places or negative feelings.

At the end of the consultation, KP confirmed he would like to proceed with the stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions and I booked him in for the standard three, one hour appointments.  I also gave him a copy of the Stop Smoking information pack which is filled with helpful tips and exercises for people who are trying to change.  

In the first session, my main objective was to have KP's subconscious mind desire the same outcome as his conscious mind.  When you are trying to change any habit or lifestyle choice, you can easily change your conscious thoughts, e.g. "I want to stop smoking" or"I want to lose weight", however it is impossible to change your subconscious mind without hypnosis.  Often, your subconscious will want to maintain an old way of functioning due to some outdated belief and so it is essential that your subconscious then chooses to leave behind that old way of being and instead focus on a new, healthier path.  With KP, I encouraged this change by allowing the subconscious to see two different versions of the future, one where he still smoked and the other where he had stopped.  I then gave his subconscious a choice to choose one of those two paths, with the instruction that once that path was chosen, it was a permanent decision and there would be no going back.  Ultimately, it was a sure thing that KP would choose the healthier path due to the imagery I had given him and so by the end of the first session, his subconscious was aligned to the same goal as his conscious mind.   

In the second hypnosis session, KP reported a dramatic reduction in his smoking habit.  This was the usual and typical response I would expect.  Not a complete stopping after the first session, but a significant reduction.  The second session focussed on aversion hypnosis, encouraging KP to see cigarettes and smoking along with disgusting imagery, foul smells, awful tastes and unpleasant consequences.  We also focussed on some of the benefits KP had mentioned, particularly financial benefits.  I asked him to imagine how much money he could have saved over the last 10 years if he hadn't of smoked and then to think forward by 10 years and how much more he would have as a result of stopping smoking.  A lot of positive imagery was included, especially being able to spend money on and provide for his partner and child.

The final quit smoking hypnotherapy session began with KP reporting only 1 cigarette being smoked in the last week, compared to the 70+ he had been smoking only a few weeks ago.  He was finding it extremely easy to resist the temptation and was feeling so much healthier as a result.  He reported improved sleep, waking up with a clear head and a feeling of energy and drive.  The final session focussed on letting go of the old image KP had of himself and embracing the new him of the future.  We included a great deal of work around breaking old ways of thinking, feeling and being, whilst creating new, strong and healthy connections for the future.   

Six months after, KP contacted me to thank me for everything I had done for him.  Despite many of his friends smoking, he had not been tempted and had not smoked at all since that final session.  In fact, his new, healthy lifestyle had actually encouraged several of his friends to successfully quit smoking as well.  He reported that things felt different to when he had stopped before and he was confident that this would be a long lasting change within him. 


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