You may be wondering if hypnotherapy is suitable for your particular issue.  In answering this, it is usually helpful to think about the following questions


1. What Is the cause of the issue?  Is it a habit, a past trauma, a current stressful event or an unknown?

Anything that is caused by a habit, e.g. eating, drinking, smoking or learnt phobias, where there is nothing stressful or traumatic in the present fuelling it, is usually very easy to deal with in hypnosis (usually 3 to 4 sessions).  Past traumas which are affecting the present can be dealt with in hypnosis but this tends to involve longer term work (usually about 6 to 8 sessions).  For current stressful events or unknown causes to your issues, counselling or psychotherapy may be a better route to go down.  


2. Has the original cause been identified, e.g. parental, peer or family influences, trauma, accidents, stress, etc.

The origins of the issue are very important.  Usually people have some sense of an idea as to where an issue stemmed from.  If you really have no idea why you do certain things, it is usually helpful to begin with psychotherapy or counselling to gain this basic awareness.  The more the right areas of the past are targeted, the greater the likely success of the hypnotherapy. 


3. Is your current life free from trauma and excessive stress?

If you are currently going through a divorce, have an sick family member, have recently lost your job, have experienced a bereavement or loss of any kind, these traumatic and stressful events can and will interfere with hypnotherapy treatment.  In these circumstances, you are much better off with counselling or psychotherapy treatment to tackle these current events and waiting until these situations have passed before carrying on with hypnotherapy. 


4. Who are you changing for?

Hypnotherapy is a great tool for brining about change, but only if you are wanting to change for yourself.  If you have a good reason for wanting to change and have realistic and long term goals then you stand a good chance of changing.  If you are doing it for someone else because you believe it will make them happy, the chances are you won't succeed with hypnotherapy.  Any change must start from within and the more powerful your desires and determination is to make that change, the more likely you will succeed.  This commitment to change is one of the reasons why we insist on a 3 session minimum. 


5. You have no medical conditions or disabilities preventing the change

Certain medication or a thyroid problem may affect weight gain, a disability may affect your ability to exercise or an inner ear problem may affect your balance, leading to vertigo (a fear of heights).  In these sort of circumstances, hypnotherapy may not be able to bring about the desired change because the problem is something physical with the body rather than something cognitive in the working of the brain.  It is always worth checking with your doctor if you are concerned about the effects of any medication or medical condition. 


6. You are able to relax comfortably

I have come across clients who half way through hypnosis begin the fidget and become restless.  When questioned after, they respond with things such as "If I sit still for too long my legs begin to ache" or I always wake up every half hour at night.  If you have any condition which means you doubt you will be able to feel comfortable sitting down in a comfy chair for an hour, make sure you discuss it with the therapist before treatment begins.


7. You are able to hear and understand English

This may seem obvious, but I have come across people in hypnotherapy who have only a basic grasp of the English language and those are hard of hearing.  If you struggle with the language, the best suggestion is to seek out a therapist who speaks your first language.  If your hard of hearing then unfortunately hypnotherapy may not be for you


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