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Here are West London Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Services, we are pleased to offer our range of hypnotherapy scripts to all practicing or trainee hypnotherapist.  Please note, these scripts should only be used by competent, trained and qualified hypnotherapy practioners or those who are on a recognised training course.  We cannot accept any liability for any issues arising from untrained members of the public who attempt to use these scripts. 


All of the scripts provided here have been used by us on numerous occasions with a high level of success.  As with all hypnotherapy scripts we urge you not to use these word for word but to modify and personalise them for each of your clients.  Each main script will last approximately 60 minutes depending on how you personalise it and the speed at which you deliver it.  


We are also please to announce that we provide a personalised script writing service.  So if you are struggling with a particular client and not sure where to go or what to do, we can provide you with a bespoke script to match your needs. 


We provide free hypnotherapy inductions and deepeners to get you started and then each of our regular scripts cost £5 each.  You can gain unlimited access to all of our scripts for a one off payment of £50 which includes access to new and revised scripts as they come out.  If you would like us to create a personalised hypnotherapy script for you, it costs £10 and will usually take about three working days to create.  If you need a personalised script much sooner, please contact us to discuss your options.


Below you can find our current details of the hypnotherapy scripts available.  If you click on the script, you can see more information about the script and an option to purchase it through the online shop.  If you wish to purchase an unlimited access package, click here.  Or to place an order for a personalised script, please contact us. 


Our scripts are currently set up for the female gender and you will need to swap any female references for males if using these scripts for male clients.  There are also portions of the script that will have words in brackets in italics, e.g. (client name).  These are instructions for you, e.g. insert the clients name into this part of the script, etc.  If you see three dots in the script, e.g. ... this means a short pause.  Timing of scripts is very important and these pauses will be of great help to you. 


We are still updating our scripts - many More to come very soon!


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